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Hunting for stylish, comfortable shoes? Softwaves has the solution!

softwaves shoesWhether you’ve suffered from problem feet for many years or have recently been diagnosed with a foot problem, the chances are that you’re all too aware just how difficult it can be to find comfortable shoes that are stylish too. The search for fashionable comfortable footwear can be incredibly frustrating and is likely to be hampered by the fact that the majority of shoe manufacturers seem to go for the lowest common denominator: shoes designed with the latest trends in mind but made from cheap materials and with little thought for comfort.

All’s not lost though and thanks to something of a minor revolution in the world of shoe design, a number of shoe manufacturers are now making gorgeous footwear designed to appeal to our sense of style but without the need to compromise on comfort and fit. Softwaves is one such shoe brand and although they are a relatively new arrival on the comfort shoe scene (they were established back in 2013) they’re already creating waves (pardon the pun) with discerning shoe shoppers.

Softwaves equals style and comfort combined

So what is it about Softwaves shoes that are helping to make them so popular? Well first things first and it’s got to be style! Style, or lack of it, is the main bugbear of most comfort shoe shoppers and I know I speak for the majority of you when I say that most comfortable shoes are pretty hideous. Not so Softwaves and their latest range include some of the most stylish, elegant shoes I’ve come across. All tastes and occasions are covered: from beautiful heels, smart enough to wear to a wedding for formal event, through to stylish trainers, delicate summer sandals and on-trend winter boots.

Before I pick out a few of my personal favourites, I’ll give you a brief outline of the ingenious comfort features Softwaves use. First and foremost is their super soft, super flexible sole; in fact the Softwaves sole is so flexible it’s possible to bend and twist their shoes in much the same way that you’d wring out a wet cloth! What difference does this make to comfort? The answer is simple: flexibility and because these shoes move with your feet, rather than fighting against every step, you’ll feel like you’re walking on air. In addition, Softwaves make maximum use of superb quality, soft leather in every style and because all their shoes are leather-lined, there are no internal seams to rub against your feet. Perfect for wearing all day long, Softwaves shoes also have removable insoles, making them the ideal solution for anyone who has to wear their own orthotic insoles.

Stylish bliss for your feet

It really is difficult to pick my favourite Software shoes so to keep things simple I’ll stick to two! First are Softwaves’ heeled pumps and when you see these shoes for the first time I promise you you’ll really struggle to believe that these are actually comfort shoes! Elegant and sophisticated, these beautiful pumps are designed with a gorgeous wooden heel and pretty strap detail across the front. Definitely smart enough to wear to the office and easily smart enough to wear for an evening out, these must-have shoes are destined to become firm favourites.

My second choice is Softwaves’ wedge heeled sneakers. It’s the wedge heel and metallic finished leather that takes these fabulous sneakers to the next level and although they’d look great with jeans, they’d be equally fantastic when teamed up with smarter trousers or crops. Perfect!

Although Softwaves is a Portuguese shoe brand it is possible to buy them online here in the UK. I’ve found that the online shoe site Cheerful Soles has one of the best selections available and because they offer free delivery on all UK orders, buying Softwaves from the comfort of your own home is easy!