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Choosing Travel Luggage Made Easy!

credit jenny w

credit jenny w

Choosing luggage, especially if you travel a lot, could be one of the most important choices you will ever make. You need to transport all the possessions and kit you need for your trip, however long, safely and securely without damage. These days, most of us get to carry our own luggage, so the last thing we want is bulky, difficult to handle items. What we want instead is the least weight with the most structural integrity and ease of handling. However, well-designed luggage costs money. But it’s a trade-off which you have to weigh up. There are many old adages which cover it; buy cheap buy twice is the obvious one and indeed the investment in quality travel luggage is well worth it and will yield real dividends in terms of hassle-free travel and longevity for many years to come. After all, aren’t there enough difficulties in travel these days; your luggage does not need to be one of them.

In our opinion, there is no substitute for quality, which is why if you travel a lot money spent on well-constructed and properly engineered pieces is money well spent. This investment will keep failures to a minimum and avoid travel hassles, which in turn will help to maintain your sanity and keep you organised. It’s a fact, higher quality luggage last longer, wears and looks better after airline abuse, and will not add to travel problems.

And of course don’t forget that the new generation of luggage is also lighter, which could save you on excess baggage fees but more importantly if you have to lift your bags either into a rack or just to carry it. It’s another fact that older style luggage, regardless of construction and materials, is significantly heavier than the new plastic-based materials.

Despite lengthy research, we could find no manufacturer who have complied a good checklist for customers to review and decide what’s important to them and their style of travel before buying new luggage. There’s also all the additional options to select from; materials, number of wheels (if any), internal space configurations ….. and so the list goes on!

Checklist for choosing travel luggage.

  • How often do you travel;
  • How long are your trips;
  • How much do you need to carry, in terms of weight and volume;
  • What is the volume in litres of the luggage you are selecting, and will it hold everything you need to carry;
  • Do you carry or check your luggage;
  • How do you normally carry your luggage? Do you pull it, drag it, push it, or roll it in a vertical case mode;
  • Does the carry-on luggage comply with all airline overhead compartment rules for size, weight, and volume;
  • How many suits or clothes on hangers do you have to pack;
  • Do you live out of your suitcase, or empty the contents into shelves or drawers;
  • How do you unpack your luggage when you arrive at your destination? Do you like to remove the contents, or hang your luggage in the closet;
  • Will you have difficulty lifting or moving the luggage when fully packed;
  • What is the warranty for the luggage and reputation of the manufacturer? Is the warranty for the life of the luggage;
  • How sturdy is the wheel-case interface
  • Is the outer material durable and impact resistant?